Why Can't I Schedule A Post On Facebook

Why Can’t I Schedule A Post On Facebook ?

Why Can’t I Schedule A Post On Facebook ?

The scheduled-posting was an amazing feature for the facebook users as it has helped millions of users to save their time. The most important thing about scheduling a post o facebook is its availability on two ways, scheduling a facebook post on a personal account and scheduling facebook post on a page. Whatever the way you have tried earlier, it must have not worked for sure, and this guide will help you if you wonder “why can’t I schedule a post on facebook”.

Really, Why Can’t I Schedule A Post On Facebook?

It is because Facebook Company is not allowing you to do that. Although you could do that pretty easily about three years ago, that feature has been removed from facebook users. It was an impressive way to arrange your whole work which saved time effectively.

Facebook assumed that the publishing tool is making facebook a dead platform where the post are scheduled and the replying and relationship building is not working. For example, although there was a post about a crucial matter, the publisher could not be contacted by the reaching audience.

Is The Publishing Tool Gone Now?

Of course not. What facebook has done is to hide the scheduling tool in a somewhere the users cannot find easily. According to Facebook, re-locating the scheduling tool is a thing that the company did to improve the scheduling feature.  Anyway, you have got a couple of more things along with the re-located scheduling tool.  You will be babel to find the scheduling tool as the publishing tool.

How can I schedule a post on facebook?

Following steps will take you to scheduling new posts on Facebook.

  • First you should find the navigational bar of facebook. It is the place where you can find the setting as well as lots of arrangements regarding your facebook account. Simply, you will find it as a sidebar.
  • Then, click on the Publishing tools.
  • On the left sidebar, there will be “Post ” areas.
  • After that, you will be taken to “Post”. You are free to create posts and stories at the same time. Below that section, you will find a small box states “Schedule Post”. After clicking that, you will be able to upload the post in the future.
  • You can then choose the date & time when your post should be polished, Then Click Schedule
  • It is important to remember that the policy violations make you wait until the specific period passes. If you wonder, why can’t I schedule a post on facebook due to a policy violation, you will have to wait until 14 days.

What to do if you can’t schedule a Facebook post

The Facebook team will identify and fix problems you report if something isn’t working properly.

how to report that Schedule Post isn’t working

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Click account in the top right
  • You can report a problem under Help & support


This article has explained why you cannot schedule a post on facebook 2021. You must have learned that the same feature has come along with a new name. If you wonder “why can’t i schedule a post on facebook”, all you have to do is to learn the new path to proceed to scheduling. That’s all.


Of course you are free to use. Since they have more options than Facebook itself, you will be bake to enjoy those third party tools for scheduling or publishing a post in the future.

  • Why can’t I schedule a post on facebook on my Smartphone?

Simply, you might not know how to do that as the facebook has changed the path and the name you knew for scheduling a post. As a mobile user, you should proceed with the app and follow the above steps to schedule posts using your smartphone.

  • Can I preview the post before scheduling it?

One of the benefits you get along with the update is the ability to preview. Similar to the moment before posting a regular post, you will be able o see what you are about to schedule using the publishing tools.

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