Top 6 Best Smartphone Macro Lenses

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What are Best Smartphone Macro Lenses

Smartphones can also be used to take beautiful macro shots. We show you how macro lenses bring crisper images to your smartphone photos. If your smartphone does not have multiple cameras and a macro lens, you cannot do macro photography. Despite this, many smartphone macro cameras aren’t very good.

With a smartphone, you can take amazing macro photos. Below are some macro lenses you can try if you’re a mobile photographer of any skill level.

Here are the Top 6 Best Smartphone Macro Lenses to get very close up of a subject.

How to choose a Best Smartphone Macro Lens For your mobile device

Macro lenses for the mobile device are available in an array of specifications, attachment mechanisms, and price points. What is your best choice for a macro lens? Take a look at our Amazon top picks after reading the tips below.


It is important to note that there are macro lenses that are compatible with all smartphones, as well as macro lenses that are created specifically for specific smartphone models. Before researching further, find out if the lens you desire is compatible with your iPhone model.


You’ll be able to capture more detail with your iPhone macro lens and the object will appear larger in the photo if you use a high magnification. There are different magnification levels for macro lenses, but 15x is standard for an iPhone macro lens


macro lens that attaches to your iPhone’s lens securely, ensure that your lens is made from optical-grade glass. A lens made of cheap plastic is likely if the listing doesn’t specify the material.

Attachment method

It is convenient to use Clip-on lenses since they can be attached quickly, used once, and then removed for storage. Some lenses can only be used with a case that you have to buy for your phone, while others won’t even work unless you use them without one. Before making your decision, decide what type of attachment you prefer.


What is the maximum amount you are willing to spend on a good macro lens for your iPhone? Plastic lenses don’t take good photos, so a few dollars you’re going to spend there is probably not worth it. At the other end of the price spectrum, a single lens of exceptional quality can cost hundreds of dollars. It’s all up to you.

6 Best Smartphone Macro Lenses

Based on the recommendations of the experts and combining user experience, customer reviews, and product features, we suggest 6 Best Smartphone Macro Lenses based on all the factors. A full description of each is given below

1.Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xeno Pro Lens Kit consists of a wide-angle lens and a macro lens. The smartphone lens kit is trendy, and with good reason– it produces great photos and is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones. Furthermore, it comes with extra goodies.

Smart phone macro photography is really easy with the 15x macro lens. This lens has no vignetting (dark edges), which makes it a good choice for photographers. For durability and clarity, it is made of aluminum and premium glass.

A lens clip attaches the lenses to the smartphone camera without damaging the device and keeps them attached without damaging the lens.

Additionally, the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes with some nice extras. One of the most notable features of the kit is the GlowClip LED light, which mounts on the phone and provides continuous illumination. This is the Best Smartphone Macro Lens on the market based on the information above

Product information

Product Dimensions3.4 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight4.8 ounces
Batteries1 Lithium Metal batteries required.
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo

2. Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens


Various light distributing covers are included with the Sirui macro lens, allowing light to be distributed evenly on an object.

With the Sirui Mc-02 Macro Lens, you can magnify objects up to 10 times macro. Made of high quality aluminum and glass from Germany, this lens provides 10x magnification. The lens consists of three elements in two groups and has multilayer coatings for optimal performance.

With the SIRUI Mobile Phone Lens Clip Adaptor, you can attach this lens to a variety of smartphones. To protect your smartphone It has padded surfaces that protect your smartphone from scratches and damage. The SIRUI Mobile Phone Lens Clip Adaptor can be attached to a variety of smartphones. The lens can also be mounted to a phone using a Sirui Lens Mount Adapter or Sirui Protective Case, both of which are sold separately.

Product information

Product Dimensions1.5 x 1.5 x 0.69 inches
Item Weight0.848 ounces
Item model numberSUMC02KC01
Date First AvailableMay 17, 2018
ManufacturerGuangdong SIRUI Optical Co., Ltd

3. APEXEL Professional Macro Photography Lens 


Apaxel macro lenses are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium and premium optical glass for durability and clarity. To prevent ghosting, reflections, and lens flares, this lens has a multi-element coating on the glass.


Apexel’s 100mm Macro Lens is an outstanding lens for smartphone macro photography. Unlike many macro lenses, it suffers from little distortion, making it perfect for capturing the tiniest detail with a smartphone camera.

This universal lens clip is made of aluminium alloy for better quality. This protective case has EVA rubber, which provides protection for your lens and is perfect for your smartphone. Moreover, since the lens clip is universal, the Apexel 100mm Macro Lens is compatible with all smartphones and tablets.

The longest distance between the clip’s top and the lens’s center is 1.38 inches/3.5 cm, so both phones and tablets can use this mini microscope lens. For use with your phone case, the clip’s opening width is up to 0.52 inches/1.3 centimeters.

Product information

Product Dimensions1.57 x 1.57 x 3.15 inches
Item Weight4.2 ounces
Item model numberPR50
Date First AvailableJune 26, 2019

4. Lens Kit, Phone Camera Lens 9

In terms of the Keywing Phone Lens Kit, there is a lot going on. In addition to a macro lens, it comes with two of them. The kit also includes two wide-angle lenses, a telephoto lens, a fisheye lens, and other accessories. Basically, this kit can accommodate whatever your needs are.

Macro lenses have magnifications of 20x and 15x, respectively. Each is constructed of five layers of high-quality glass that is suitable for the cinema. Unlike other smartphone lenses of similar quality, the lenses’ large glass optics produce sharp images with little to no distortion. So this can be called One of the Best Smartphone Macro Lenses .

The Keywing lenses can be used with a wide range of smartphones, including the iPhone. Lens clips attach to the phone, making it easy to customize the lens to fit your mobile camera.

With our pro lens kit for iphone and android, you will always have a friend with you. A KEYWING iPhone lens lets you take the same kind of pictures as a SLR – without distortion, dark corners, reflections, lens flare, and other artifacts. All lens kit components are protected from dust and scratches in the travel case.

Product information

Product Dimensions4.7 x 3.3 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight4.3 ounces
Item model numberKW-PL02
Date First AvailableJuly 24, 2018

5. Moment Macro Lens

Moment makes popular 10x Macro lenses for smartphones, and their brands are known to smartphone photographers. Even if the subject is less than one inch from the camera, this lens still captures sharp images with plenty of detail and texture. This is unlike other macro lenses available on the market.

Despite being made entirely of aluminum and cinema-grade glass, the lens has exceptional image quality. The image has the best level of sharpness throughout and the least amount of chromatic aberration. A detachable diffuser hood provides even lighting and prevents shadows.

Moment macro lenses are not compatible with all smartphone models, including the iPhone. In order to attach the lens to your phone, you will need either a Moment Phone Case or a Battery Photo Case.

Moment provides the highest-quality attachment lenses on the market with its mobile lenses. The above-mentioned Smartphone Macro Lenses are without a doubt the best on this list

Product information

Product Dimensions3 x 4 x 2 inches
Item Weight2.39 ounces
Item model number5823792160
Date First AvailableAugust 4, 2017
Country of OriginKorea, Republic of

6.Olloclip Fisheye and Macro 15x Lens

By switching to the Super-Wide lens, you can minimize the latter. The triple-lens set from long-established smartphone lens manufacturer Olloclip includes a fisheye lens that offers 180-degree spherical field of view.

In addition to its wide angle lens, your camera will also have a 120 degree field of view, which is definitely a big improvement over the iPhone XS’s. However, slight distortion will still be evident when you shoot geometric subjects.

In addition to the three lenses, there is a macro lens, which can magnify subjects up to 15x to reveal details that would otherwise be unfathomable. It is best to place the main object in the center of the frame, while blurring the edges. These lenses are also among the best smartphone macro lenses of the year.

With Olloclip’s Connect X clip, the interchangeable lenses attach to an Olloclip phone and can be used both with the rear-facing camera and front-facing camera. Telephoto optics that clip directly into the holder are included, but you can use other Connect X-compatible lenses when you are ready to expand your skills. The Multi-Device Clip from Olloclip can also be used to attach the lenses to some Android phones

Product information

Product Dimensions4.49 x 2.01 x 6.5 inches
Item Weight5.3 ounces
Item model numberOCFISHMCIPX
Date First AvailableNovember 20, 2019


One of the Best Smartphone Macro Lenses There are many different lenses you can purchase for your smartphone, but not all of them are worthwhile. Macro lenses are popular because they produce sharp and high-quality images with little to no distortion. The above are some of the best and most popular macro lenses for smartphones.

The magnifying glass will definitely magnify your subject and give you some amazing shots. They won’t make you any better at mobile photography, however.

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