Is Catfishing Illegal In California

Is Catfishing Illegal In California , Everything You Should Know About Catfishing

As a social media user in California you might have lots of questions about the legal clearance. “is catfishing illegal in California is one of them

Among the questions a social media user or an internet user has, “is catfishing illegal in California ” has been a common problem for the users.  After taking the feedback of thousands of users regarding their social media experience, it was understood that they not only know “catfishing” but what it is. This article will explain everything that you should know about catfishing. Not only as a citizen in California but as a traveler, you will find this explanation useful.

What does it mean by Catfishing?

Catfishing is referred when someone is pretending to be someone else who is not actually he/she is. The pretending person is always hiding who he/she is, and the stolen identity in the social media or other platforms can either belong to someone or a fictional one.  In simple words, creating fake profiles in Social media and online platforms is known as catfishing.

Famous celebrities are considered as the mostly vulnerable parties of the catfishing. Other than that, there have been daily cases about the stolen identities of real people which had made them victims of money scams, cyber-attacks as well as simple marketing strategies.

How can you know that you are being catfished?

The identification of a catfishing person is not a hard thing to do. You will have to look at him with an open mind. A catfishing person or a person who is pretending to be someone else could be understood based on the following signs.

  • Catfishing people will not talk over the phone or connect through video conferences
  • They will have almost 100% fair excuses to do that
  • They are quick builders which means, they will develop the relationship into the next phases on a high speed.
  • The monetary funding is the main reason. But, there can be lots of hidden agendas for them such as political, social, personal, or even marketing purposes could be identified regarding the catfishing people.
  • You will feel that something is really fishy with them.

Catfishers won’t change frequently. Even if they do, the pictures they update seem to have lost the quality or they will use profile pictures in a cycle.

Is catfishing illegal in California or in the United States?

Yes indeed. It is illegal to create a profile relates to someone else or using the images of someone else’s’ for your social media account.

The related act for the catfishing is “creating a fake online profile and seeking out other people online”. If you are looking for an answer for the “is catfishing illegal in California or in the United States?” as a US citizen, you will be punished both by the low and the social media platforms. For example, if you are using another person’s photos for your social media, you will both lose your social media account and be punished by the law. 

The civil damages (for fraud, false impersonation, theft of the social media aliases or a myriad of civil actions can be taken into the consideration when taking actions against you.

Can I Never Use Another Person’s Image For My Profile?

 Of course you can not. Under the invasion of privacy, violation of right of publicity, or defamation lie factors restrict you to use another person’s image for your profile picture. According to the law in the US, you can not use a photo of yours if another person is present in the same photo. But, you have got a Grayish area even in the law regarding the catfishing.

For example, if you have a question like “is catfishing illegal in California ? ” due to one of your favorite actors Arnold Schwarzenegger like celebrities, you will not have issues. They will not take an action against you as a sure thing if you are die hard of theirs and you use their profile picture as an inspiration.

Is Catfishing Illegal In The World Like Forever Or Is There Any Path?

The only thing you need to do is to get the personalization of the particular person. As you know already, the person from whom you get the permission is the only person that can complain regarding your action. If you have his/her permission, you will not have to worry of “is catfishing illegal in California or anywhere in the world”. However, it is up to you to obtain the right. It can be either a written document or a verbal phrase.

Conclusion : Is Catfishing Illegal In California , Everything You Should Know About Catfishing

The catfishing is a severe crime according to the US law and almost every law around the world. According to the Section 66EB of the NSW Crimes Act, a person who is missing the information or the image like data can be sent into the prison for 12 years. When it comes to the US law, a catfishing incident is enough to cost millions of money. Although you don’t mind tagging your friend on Facebook after adding an image of him, he will have the support of the law if asks for it.

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