Why Amazing TikTok not getting views And How to Fix It

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TikTok is one of the social media platforms that has gained recognition amongst the youth faster than different in style social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. TikTok is all about likes, followers, just like any other social media platform.

Your videos can be shared with a larger audience, increasing your likes, followers, and views. Nevertheless, you may not always receive extra views when using Tiktok. Therefore, there is a possibility that your TikTok not getting views will suddenly disappear.

Your Tiktok video views normally drop suddenly as a result of your content material being delicate or not partaking, or video caught in assessment, or video is longer than precise size. Otherwise, you’re new on Tiktok. Otherwise, you’ve posted many movies at the same time. Otherwise, you’ve posted on the fallacious time, or your movies are shadowbanned.

In this article, we’re going to be taught concerning the potential motive and

 its options of all of a sudden dropping your TikTok not getting views. After studying this text, I hope you may take care of this drawback and may enhance your views.

What are the reasons for TikTok not getting views of the sudden Dropping?

Although you make every effort to make your TikTok video “TikTok not getting views” as compelling as possible, several factors can contribute to your tiktok movie not getting views, all of which we will analyze separately in the section below. However, we can say that these things are a great relief to get the views you need for tiktok videos.

New Update Of TikTok Algorithm

The tik tok algorithm is usually updated from time to time. When such an update is done, in most cases, the number of views for your TikTok video will be greatly reduced. This is a common occurrence and after analyzing your video once again by the algorithm, there is often a chance to get the same views again.

New TikTok User

If you are new to tik tok, TikTok is not getting views for your tik tok videos. The TikTok Algorithm analyzes your content and the TikTok Algorithm to analyze what kind of audience your tik tok video should be delivered to. Your content’s views can be increased by uploading more and more TikTok videos.

Content is Not Engaging

TikTok Algorithm will show your video to more people if you get good engagements in a short time after uploading the video, but if you do not get good engagements within three to four hours of uploading your video, TikTok will not get views for your video. So the first few seconds of your video should be very attractive, and your video will get good views. Otherwise, TikTok will not get views for your video.

Video Long

A little bit of video is mainly less than a minute, but you have to make sure that your video is not less than ten seconds otherwise TikTok will not get getting views in most cases.

Tik tok new According to the new algorithm, you should be more careful when making videos as it is a priority to give more views for videos longer than 20 caps. 

Stuck in Review

In some cases, videos get stuck in reviews if they get no views. Following are the major reasons for the delay in reviewing your videos:

Too Much Video one time 

Your videos may receive zero views even after a few hours. This is usually the result when you post several videos at once or post frequently.

Therefore, when uploading videos, it is best to upload the video one by one after three hours, otherwise you will only get Pius for the first video you upload at the same time and the views for the other videos will be much less. TikTok not getting views can be considered as a major factor affecting me here 

Sensitive Content

So you should make sure that you do not upload videos on sensitive issues as this may enhance the quality of your account.You will have to wait for TikTok to decide whether or not to publish your video if the content is too sensitive

Posting at a Bad Time

You can track the activity of your audiences and analyze all your posts. This information provides insight into when your audience is most active.

So you need to have a good understanding of your existing audience and you can get an idea of when they are most active so that you can get the best results by publishing your audience at the most active time.

Not Following Trends

Your videos will get more views if you take advantage of TikTok trends. You might lose viewers if you don’t upload your video according to trend.

If you create videos for the current trend, you will be able to get a very good number of views. If you are producing old trend videos tiktok not getting views so it is very important to work with the best current trend understanding 

Shadow Ban

It may have been a shadowban that caused your followers in TikTok to decrease. Using shadowbanning, you allow users to access content to a certain extent.

Your videos on TikTok may not have reached new users. Thus, you might not see views on TikTok anymore.

You can only wait and be patient in a situation like this. It is possible that your video violated TikTok’s community guidelines. As a result, your account has been shadow-banned.

Make Best  Videos 

It is imperative that the videos you put up for TikTok offer value to those who watch them. Create your TikTok video and let it sit on TikTok drafts until it is ready to be released. Look at the video multiple times from the viewer’s perspective later to see what more can be done to make it more valuable.

You may not find a video funny the second time you watch it if you are in a good mood when you make it. The best judge of your creative ability is your emotions.

Therefore, before you share your videos with the live TikTok audience, it is important to review your videos and make necessary changes.

How to Fix TikTok not getting views

As per the advice of the experts in this social media, here are some solutions to the problem of your TikTok not getting views. 

Share Tiktok Your Videos

social media
social media

Videos can also be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media outlets. Therefore, your followers or friends are able to follow your TikTok account.

Your weekly Instagram and Facebook stories can be shared. TikTok is popular on Pinterest, so consider posting on this platform.

Your Pinterest account must be converted into a business account if you intend to share your videos. 

When you share your tiktok video in this manner, other social media platforms will be able to stream it so that you can get more views quickly


Research and brainstorming are excellent ways to enhance your views. This allows you to come up with innovative ideas.

For your TikTok video to become viral, you need to have creative ideas. Moreover, it is almost impossible for a new algorithm update to go viral.

It is possible for you to introduce a new type of act, causing others to follow you and making you go viral. Viral accounts receive more views because other users will follow them.

Duet Videos

Your video views can increase by duetting with other popular users, who will then share your video to their fans. As well as dueting with your followers, you’ll increase both engagement and viewership.

Engage With Followers

By engaging with your followers, you will be able to increase the number of people who watch your videos. You can keep your followers loyal by engaging with them.

You’ll also get more views since your posts won’t be missed. When you go live with TikTok, you will be able to interact with your followers. Comment on the followers you have, as well.

Choose a Niche

Ultimately, your content is what matters most to your audience, not how many videos you post.

You can create videos on what you are good at in TikTok, and choose from the different genres available.

For Example:

Music is my favorite hobby, and I love playing guitar. This allows me to create music that I truly love. Music is my passion, as well as making short videos.

Trending Videos and Hashtags

Add hashtags associated with trending videos to your videos in order to make them relevant to those topics. You can make your videos more entertaining by including trending videos.

Additionally, hashtags can attract other users of the same niche. By using hashtags, you can target a certain level of audience.

Especially if you publish using a trending video in your chosen Niche, the problem of TikTok not getting views at birth will never arise.

Team Up With Others

It’s possible to increase your views by teaming up with other users of TikTok. You can attract other users’ followers if you team up with them, which will increase your views.

Your views can be increased even more if you get a shout-out from other users. 

Use the For You

Especially if you are a new user and don’t know anything about TikTok. It is possible to get new content by using For You.

New user videos are shown on the For You feature. The home page offers this feature so that users can learn from each other.


As a result, TikTok is one of the easiest platforms to showcase your talent on social media. This application is even able to make you popular.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this article. You should now have a better understanding of why “TikTok not getting views” and how you can increase your views after reading this article. You can write in the comment box below if you have any questions regarding this topic.

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