How To Hide Mutual Friends On Facebook In 2021

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Allowing others to see whom you keep as mutual friends is a thing to see. If you wonder how to hide mutual friends on facebook, this article will help you.

When you are on someone else’s’ profile who is not a friend, you will be able to see the mutual friends of the particular person. Similar to that, anyone else can find whom you keep in common as mutual friends. Although it I an allowed thing in Facebook platform, that is a massive blow to the privacy as well.  According to most of people, this is something you should worry and take action against. If you worry on how to hide mutual friends on facebook, this article will help.

Open Facebook On Android or Your Desktop

The first thing to remember is that, the Android app is the easiest way to conduct this task. To do that, you must open the android app on your smart device. First you should open the Facebook app. You will find it as an F letter on your home screen. If you have not set up a shortcut using the facebook Android app, you will find it in the app drawer.  If you are a person who use desktop computers to use facebook, you will have to go to

Find The settings

You will have to go to Menu as the next step.  You will see three parallel lines on the top right corner of the screen which leads the app to settings.

Finding the Setting and Privacy

As the next step, you must find Settings and Privacy. You will find it when scrolling the menu bar. Since the menu just has to be scrolled just halfway, you will see it in the first screen. You will easily find it as the menu that is displayed as a gear along with a wheel.

Tap Settings

After clicking on the Settings and Privacy, you must proceed to the Setting again. That will b eteh first option that you may get after clicking on Settings and Privacy.

Tap on Privacy

After clicking on the Settings, you will find Privacy settings just below the settings. Soon after clicking o settings, this “privacy” settings will be displayed.

Tap “Who can see your friends list?”

You will have to tap on “Tap Who can see your friends list?” as you have to set the audience for your profile. You will find this option under the “How People Find and Contact You” header as well.

Set Your Audience “Only Me”

You must set the audience as “Only Me” as you should not allow anyone to see your friend list. But, you have to remember that. Still, people can see your mutual friends. As you know how to hide mutual friends on facebook, you should inform your friends on facebook stating the necessity of increasing the privacy.

Let Your Friends Know That You Just Increased your Privacy

You may tell your friends to increase the privacy how juts you did. After following the same procedure, those who refer your profile or your friends profiles won’t show your mutual friends.

FAQ  : How To Hide Mutual Friends On Facebook In 2021

  • Is there a direct way to hide your mutual friend list?
  • No. You have to set your privacy to “only” me and then ask you friends to do that. The more you friends increase their privacy and set the audience “Only me”, the more les your and you friends mutual list will be.
  • Who is a mutual friend on facebook?
  • A mutual friend is a person who is in your facebook friend list and the person’s facebook account who is just viewing your facebook friend list.
  • How can I tell how to hide mutual friends on facebook to my friend?
  • You can simply forward this article and force your friends to set their privacies on the mutual friends.
  • How can I know that my friends have hidden their mutual friend viewing on facebook?
  • If you truly know that your friends share space in the same friend lists, they will have to appear on facebook friend list as mutual friends. If you don’t see any of them, that means, they have increased their privacies. 

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