How To Rate A Seller On Facebook

How To Rate A Seller On Facebook

How To Rate A Seller On Facebook -Full Details

First introduced as a social media platform, Facebook has become a place where everything is possible for a person. Along with its effective marketing tools, sellers and the service providers have become a prominent feature on facebook.  As a buyer, you are free to enjoy quite awesome thing as well. The feedback submitting system or the reviewing the sellers are entitled features for a buyer. You must let others know how you enjoyed products from the sellers on Facebook. You must consider it as a responsibility as well. This article will explain how to rate a seller on facebook.

How To Rate A Seller On Facebook Using The Facebook App

The messenger app has been the best tool to rate a seller on facebook. It will take just a couple of minutes for a person who has even used the rating once.

  • As the first thing, you should open the Facebook app on your smart device. Your smart device can be an Apple or an Android device as well.
  • Then you should go to the home screen of your facebook app
  • As the next step, you should tap on the Menu icon of the Facebook app. You will easily find it as the option with “Three Horizontal Lines”.  It is just right below on your Facebook App’s home screen.
  • Tap on the “Market Place” in the menu you get after clicking on the Settings.
  • As the next step, you should tap on the “You” option on the Facebook App. After that, you will see a new screen starts.
  • You should tap on the “Your Listings” on the menu you get to see. It will show you thinsg that have been sold and currently active listings.
  • Tap on the option that has been labeled as “See All Conversations” and you will see the conversations that you have made with the buyers earlier.
  • You may find the buyer that has related to the selling you have engaged earlier and open the conversation for the particular buyer.  If you want to rate a buyer that relates to an active order, you will have to close the order.
  • You will see a blue tagged button that states “Rate Buyer”. You should click it and then you will be asked if you “Recommend the Buyer or Not”.
  • After adding the text, the reviewing process will end your review will appear on the buyer ratings.

How To Rate A Seller On Facebook Using The Desktop Browser

  • You should visit the page or the destined seller first.
  • Click on the recommendations or reviews on the left side of the page.
  • Click the recommend to give a positive rating or No to give a negative feedback. A positive feedback will give 5 stars, and a negative feedback will give just 3 stars for the seller.
  • As the next step, you may write the recommendation. It has to be more than 25 characters.
  • Next, choose the audience who should see your recommendation.
  • Click post which allows the Facebook to show what you think of the seller.

How To Rate A Seller On Facebook Based On The Star System

One of the impressive thing came along with the new rating system was the star rating system. After recommending or rating a service as “Positive Rating” it will be considered as 5 stars. When it comes to a “Negative rating”, it will be considered as a 3 star rating. The average number will be visible for the viewers who are going to see the rating.

For example, if a seller has got a positive rating and a negative rating, his average rating will be 4 stars based on the number of points, 8.

When it comes to a seller who has been on the facebook for years, his entire ratings will be converted into 5 starts eventually. For example, if his service has been rated by 1000 people, all of his ratings will be tuned into 1000×5 stars which means, there will not be any use to rate his service. According to facebook, they consider hanging on to facebook for a long time as a good sign.

In the Marketplace, Who gave me a rating?

Your reviews can be found in your Marketplace profile, where you can see what reviews are being bought and sold. You may have recommended people to the marketplace community, but you may not have recommended anyone.

Can I Change Or Delete A Rating As A Seller?

 Of course not. As a person who doesn’t know how to rate a seller on facebook and its rating system, you should know that the rating cannot be reversed. However, you can ask the buyer to change it as a consideration. However, you can increase your rating by increasing the number of positive ratings.

Why Facebook Ratings are important

Rating is important If a customer wants to buy a product from you for the first time, the customer does not understand the quality of your product or your service and the facilities you provide, and he can get a very good impression of you by seeing the rating.
Therefore, keeping your rating high will help you to take your business to the next level.


This explanation will help the buyers to rate the products they have purchased from the Facebook. If you didn’t know how to rate a seller on facebook, this guide must have helped you. However, you should remember that facebook is not yet a professional rating system where the specific sellers and buyers are interacting like Fiverr, Upwork, or the eBay rating systems are working effectively.

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