what does obo mean on facebook

What Does Obo Mean On Facebook

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Many acronyms get used in daily life, yet many people have no idea what they signify. Acronyms are words made out of the initial letter of each subsequent term in a series. To figure out what they imply, we rely on context cues and prior knowledge. On the Facebook marketplace, you may have come across the acronym “Obo.” Facebook now has its Marketplace for the general public. It’s too early to say if it’ll succeed in a crowded market, but if you’re curious about What Does Obo Mean On Facebook? We’re here to help.

Please read our article to understand more about the Facebook marketplace and the various purchasing and selling terms.

Overview Of Facebook Market Place

Facebook users aged 18 and older may use the Marketplace to publish photographs of their garage sale items and collectables and explore products provided by neighbouring vendors. The sellers set the price, but interested bidders have the option to make a counter-offer.

After upgrading the app to the latest version, the Marketplace sign will appear at the bottom of iPhone users’ displays, between the Groups and Notifications symbols. In contrast, Android users will find the left side of the notification symbol.

Why Should I Use It?

With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is an appealing place to get rid of outdated things. In truth, numerous users have utilized the social media network’s Groups function to create tiny marketplaces in recent years. Furthermore, the purchasing process looks to be relatively smooth. The procedure of contacting vendors via Messenger is simple, and narrowing down search settings is pretty straightforward.

Accessing the Facebook Marketplace

FB Marketplace

The new “shop” icon should appear when you log in to Facebook. If this is the first time you are accessing it, Facebook will ask you for further information. To continue, click the marketplace symbol.

Browse by scrolling up and down. To learn more about any of the listings, tap on them. Without having to compose a lengthy message, you may instantly let the seller know you’re interested in pressing the blue “I’m Interested” or “Make Offer” button. Additional buttons from well-known companies, such as “Check out on website” or “Add to Cart,” may also be shown.

What Does Obo Mean On Facebook

OBO is a commonly used acronym in classified advertisements and on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, but what does it represent in slang? What Does Obo Mean On Facebook?

OBO stands for “or best offer” This abbreviation can get found on the Facebook marketplace. It indicates that the seller will accept less than the asking price. If the seller needs to sell the product, they can lower the cost. If you’re selling used furniture and want to get rid of it, but it is still valuable, you can include the price listed as well as the OBO (or best offer).

The best offer doesn’t need to be cheaper or higher than the stated price. It merely informs the buyer of your expectations for that particular item. If it’s fashionable, the best offer could be higher than what you’re asking.

If you’ve had your item on the market for a long and haven’t received any bids, you may be willing to take something less than what you’ve asked; you can use OBO. It all depends on the circumstances.

Selling and Buying on Facebook Marketplace: Tips for using acronyms

Since now we know the answer to What Does Obo Mean On Facebook? We will list some tips for you to use the Facebook marketplace as a seller or buyer.


Buyers should be courteous, respectful, and non-aggressive at all times, qualities that will benefit them during the bargaining process. Buyers should inspect an item to ensure good quality (especially for higher-priced products). If defects get discovered that are not indicated in the listing description, bargain for a reduced price.


The Facebook Marketplace get frequently used as a platform for impulsive purchases. Sellers should take good pictures of the items to get offered to put on the site. Sellers should often check their email throughout the day, reply to information requests or buyers, and be prepared to negotiate a lower price. If you set your price as fixed, react with an explanation that it is non-negotiable and as stated. Some goods will sell out quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on a good deal.

Slangs other than OBO

These acronyms may also appear in the Seller listings:

  • Private message (PM)
  • PDO – Pending Drop Off
  • OBRO stands for “Official Best Reasonable Offer.”
  • SFS stands for “Still for Sale.”
  • LOMS stands for “Listed On Multiple Sites.”
  • PIOG stands for “Posted In Other Groups.”
  • New with Tags (NWT)
  • NWOT stands for “New Without Tags.”
  • ISO – In search of means that the person is seeking for the item rather than selling it.
  • PPU stands for “Pending Pick Up.”
  • SPPU stands for Sold Pending Pickup.
  • Excellent Used Condition (EUC)
  • GUC stands for “Good Used Condition.
  • FCFS stands for “First Come, First Served.”
  • No Holds (NH)

Drawbacks Of The Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace does not charge listing fees and taxes, which is different from Amazon and eBay. Marketplace does not offer the same protection as Amazon and eBay in the event of a defective product or if the listing is not accurate. Facebook does not provide the same return process as Amazon or eBay.


While shopping online, we came across a lot of acronyms. Once you’ve memorized these abbreviations, you’ll be able to navigate the market with ease.

The Facebook Marketplace is best for quick purchases, but it lacks the feedback mechanisms seen on Amazon or eBay. Instead, users must report any dubious or illegal conduct to Facebook.

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