Is there a way to get Zoom app for smart TV?

Zoom app for smart TV

When it comes to the world of apps, Zoom has established a strong name for itself, especially in the recent past. Considering the pandemic era we live in, it has become a household band for obvious reasons. However, that is not the point we concern about in this article. If you have ever wondered about … Read more

Why Amazing TikTok not getting views And How to Fix It

TikTok not getting views

TikTok is one of the social media platforms that has gained recognition amongst the youth faster than different in style social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. TikTok is all about likes, followers, just like any other social media platform. Your videos can be shared with a larger audience, increasing your likes, followers, and … Read more

How to get Snapchat on Apple Watch – Is it Possible?

How to get Snapchat on Apple Watch

Guys, first of all, let us tell you at the very beginning of the article, Snapchat is still not available for Apple Watch. We are not letting you down, but most prominent social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok don’t have their version for the Apple Watch. However, there is good news for … Read more

Facebook Pixel Vs Google Analytics [FULL COMPARISON]

Facebook Pixel Vs Google Analytics

Competition is growing in traffic, sales, and profits across all industries. Two of the most popular tools for managing user data are Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. These analytics services enable website owners to track user behaviour and generate stats. That can later use by businesses to understand Lead behaviour. By functionality and capabilities, there … Read more